Ross-on-Wye Bowling Club

Internal Club Competitions

2016 Finals Results

Ross Bowling Club finals took place over a number of days starting on Saturday 27th August. Results are as follows:

Ladies Two Wood Pairs winners were Karen Frost and Jenny Murray who beat Joan Baker and Marcia Gwynne 17-14

The Men’s Two Wood Pairs between Anthony Vitale and Glyn Williams verses Dan Palmer and Robert Gwilliam was abandoned.

Open Two Wood Singles won by Dave Watkins who beat Betty Aubrey 18–5.

Rabbit Singles handicap Dave Watkins beat Graham Scarborough 25–23.

Marcia Gwynne won the Ladies Four Wood Singles, beating Jenny Murray 21–20.

Men’s Four Wood Singles (Drake) champion is Richard Cooke after beating Dan Palmer 21–15.

Novice Four Wood Singles competition Phil Jenkinson beat Karen Frost 21-9.

Ladies Four Wood Drawn Pairs winners were Lin Cole and Jenny Murray who beat Irene Leake and Mary Gardner 32–7.

Men’s Four Wood Pairs Dave Magness and Martin Smith beat Graham Scarborough and Terry Brock 29-12.

Mixed Pairs champions were Kate Williams and Dave Watkins who beat Marcia Gwynne and Martin Smith 18-16.

Ladies Triples winners were Joy Tomlin, Irene Leake, and Marcia Gwynne who beat Stella Bufton, Gwen Lambert, and Mary Gardner 18-16.

Men’s Triples Anthony Vitale, Dave Watkins, and Richard Cooke beat Steve Lambert, Phil Jenkinson, and Alan Carver 21-8.

Men’s Rink winners were Dave Watkins, Les Williams, Paul Rainthorpe, and Robert Gwilliam beat Alan Page, Roger Pearce, John Perks, and Harold Aubrey, 19 –15.

2015 Results

Ladies' Competitions:

Four Wood Singles: Winner: Joyce Tebbenham; Runner-up Kate Williams

Two Wood Pairs: Winners: Gwen Lambert & Joyce Tebbenham; Runners-up: Joan Baker & Jenny Murray

Four Wood Drawn Pairs: Winners: Renée Buttery & Jenny Murray; Runners-up: Gwen Lambert & Joyce Tebbenham

Triples: Winners: Gwen Lambert, Sue Dix & Marcia Gwynne; Runners-up: Von Brock, Betty Aubrey & Joyce Tebbenham

Two Wood Open Singles: Winner Bernard Glover; Runner-up Marcia Gwynne

Mixed Pairs: Winners: Martin Smith & Marcia Gwynne; Runners-up Lyn Cole & Bernard Glover

Rabbit Four Wood Handicapped Singles: Winner Harold Aubrey; Runner-up Jenny Murray

Novices Competition: Winner: Mark Christopher; Runner-up John Frost

Men's Competitions:

Four Wood Singles (Drake): Winner: Dan Palmer; Runner-up: Paul Rainthorpe

Two Wood Pairs: Winners: Alan Page & Les Williams; Runners-up: Peter Askwith & Paul Rainthorpe

Four Wood Pairs: Steve Lambert & John Cummings; Runners-up: Dave Magness & Martin Smith

Triples: Winners: Les Williams, Jeremy Watkins & Dan Palmer; Runners-up: Alan Page, Dave Watkins & Richard Cooke

Rinks: Winners: Alan Page, Tom Buttery, Tony Vitale and John Cummings; Runners-up: Glyn Williams, Adge Ruck, Jeremy Watkins and Barry Payne

2014 Results

Ladies competitions:

Two Wood Pairs: Sue Dix and Marcia Gwynne beat Gwen Lambert and Irene Leake.

Two Wood Singles: Marcia Gwynne beat Joyce Tebbenham.

Four Wood Singles: Joyce Tebbenham beat Marcia Gwynne.

Four Wood Pairs: Margaret Eggleton and Jenny Murray beat Elaine George and Pam Cook.

Triples: Mary Gardner, Gwen Lambert, Jennifer Kennedy beat Elaine George, Irene Leake, Pam Cook.

Mixed Pairs: Marcia Gwynne and Paul Rainthorpe beat Betty and Harold Aubrey.

Men’s competitions:

Two Wood Pairs: Rob Gwilliam and Phil Middleton beat Des Kirk and David Kennedy.

Rabbit (Open Four Wood Singles, new handicap format): Glyn Williams beat Ian Roe.

Four Wood Singles (Drake): Glyn Williams beat Dave Watkins.

Four Wood Pairs: Dan Palmer and Shaun Jones beat Phil Middleton and Rob Gwilliam.

Triples: Les Williams, Jeremy Watkins, Dan Palmer beat Peter Askwith, Mike Robinson, Harold Aubrey.

Rinks: Dave Watkins, Les Williams, Paul Rainthorpe, Rob Gwilliam beat Rob George, Tom Buttery, John Cummings, Terry Brock.

2013 Results

The Novice Champion: Ian Roe who beat Greville Davies 21-16.

The Rabbit Singles Champion: Rob George who beat Tom Buttery 21-9.

Ladies’ Two Wood Champion: Joan Baker who beat Margaret Eggleton 15 -10.

Ladies’ Four Wood Champion: Marcia Gwynne who beat Betty Aubrey 21-7.

Men’s Drake Singles Champion: Paul Raul Rainthorpe who beat Shaun Jones 21-19.

Ladies’ Two Wood Pairs Champions: Sue Dix & Marcia Gwynne who beat Kate Williams & Brenda Garrett 27-8

Men’s Two Wood Pairs Champions: Rob Gwilliam & Phil Middleton who beat Ian Roe & David Watkins 23-10.

Ladies’ Four Wood Pairs Champions: Beryl Morgan & Hilary Churchill who beat Brenda Garrett & Enid Gibbons 24-11.

Men’s Four Wood Pairs Championships: Dan Palmer & Shaun Jones who beat Rob George & Terry Brock 22-12.

Mixed Pairs Champions: Marcia Gwynne & Martin Smith who beat Kate & Glyn Williams 20-10.

Ladies’ Triples Champions: Alison Roe, Jean Bureau, & Enid Gibbons who beat Pauline Mills, Pam Cook, & Joan Baker 19-7.

Men’s Triples Champions: Mike Baugh, Phil Bridges, & Martin Smith who beat Jeremy Watkins, Les Williams, & Dan Palmer 19-11.

Men’s Rinks Champions are Glyn Williams, Adge Ruck, Jeremy Watkins, & Rob Gwilliam who beat David Watkins, Les Williams, Paul Rainthorpe, & Phil Middleton 19-17.

2012 Results

The Rabbit Singles Champion: Harold Aubrey who beat Graham Pritchard 21-10

The Novice Champion: Alison Roe who beat Rob George 21-17.

Ladies’ Two Wood Champion: Margaret Eggleton who beat Marcia Gwynne 16-14.

The Ladies Four Wood Champion: Beryl Morgan who beat Marcia Gwynne 21-10.

Men’s Drake Singles Champion: Martin Smith who beat Des Kirk 21-13.

Ladies Two Wood Pairs Champions: Irene Leake & Beryl Morgan who beat Pat Bardsley & Marcia Gwynne 22-21.

Men’s Two Wood Pairs are Rob Gwilliam & Phil Middleton who beat John Dix & Roger Gwynne 18-11.

Ladies’ Four Wood Pairs Champions: Pam Cook & Jenny Murray beat Alison Roe and Margaret Eggleton 24-12.

Men’s Four Wood Pairs Champions: Glyn Williams & Roger Gwynne beat Dan Palmer & Shaun Jones by 17 shots to 16.

Mixed Pairs Champions: Marcia Gwynne & David Watkins who beat Pat Bardsley & Roger Gwynne 25-17.

Ladies’ Triples Champions: Irene Leake, Renée Buttery, & Marcia Gwynne who beat Pat Bardsley, Joan Baker, & Hilary Churchill 18-15.

Men’s Triples Champions: Jerry Watkins, Les Williams, and Dan Palmer who beat Phil Bureau, Frank Garrett, and Martin Smith 22-16.

Men’s Rinks Champions: Derek Holmes, Maurice Leake, Mike Robinson, & Harold Aubrey who beat David Watkins, Les Williams, Paul Rainthorpe, & Phil Middleton 21-17.

The President Mr John Perks thanked the official markers, the Competition organisers Richard Cooke, Les Williams and David Mills, also the ladies that provided the Supper and a special thanks the Green keepers who prepared the Green for both days of the competition and for all their free time and effort once again this year to keep the Green fit for play during this wet arduous season.

2011 Results

The Rabbit Singles Champion: Ray Bilby who beat Harold Aubrey 23-12.

Ladies Two Wood Champion: Marcia Gwynne who beat Jill Jones 15-9.

Ladies Four Wood Champion: Jill Jones who beat Jennifer Kennedy 22-20.

Men’s Singles Champion is Glyn Williams beat Paul Rainthorpe 21-16.

Ladies Two Wood Pairs Champions: Betty Aubrey & Margaret Eggleton who beat Enid Gibbons & Jill Jones 20-16.

Men’s Two Wood Pairs Champions: Tom Buttery & Paul Rainthorpe who beat Colin Barnes & Dennis Gardner 19-6.

Ladies Four Wood Pairs Champions: Pam Cook & Jenny Murray who beat Sue Dix & Jill Jones 23-21.

Men’s Four Wood Pairs Champions: Dave Watkins & James Zimmermann who beat Roger Pearce & John Perks 21-17.

Mixed Pairs Champions: Enid Gibbons & Paul Rainthorpe who beat Marcia Gwynne & Richard Cooke 21-20.

Ladies Triples Champions: Enid Gibbons, Pat Bardsley, & Beryl Morgan who beat Sue Dix, Renée Buttery, & Marcia Gwynne 19-10.

Men’s Triples Champions: Les Williams, Jeremy Watkins, and Dan Palmer who beat Colin Barnes, Dennis Gardner, and Frank Garrett 24-16.

Men’s Rinks Champions are Dave Watkins, Les Williams, Paul Rainthorpe, & Shaun Jones who beat Glyn Williams, Tony Vitale, Phil Bridges, & Martin Smith 23-11.